Amazing Photo Series From Jonathan Icher Sees Models Dressed In National Flag Colours Eating Stereotypical Food (NSFW)

10/12/2013 10:57 | Updated 10 December 2013

As a comment on food stereotypes associated with various countries, photographer Jonathan Icher - aided by make-up artist Anastasia Parquet - shot five models dressed in the colours of their nation's flag.

Somewhere in the shot is also the stereotyped food.

In an email to HuffPost Uk Lifestyle, Jonathan said: "At first, I wanted to make a fashion shoot with food. It was a challenge; I wanted to shoot the models with food in their mouth, but I wanted it to be glamorous. And a little strange, but not disgusting. But I wanted the food to be graphic and colourful too. That's why for example, I chose eggs for the UK, and not beans...There is humour in this series - it's a kind of "extreme patriotism"."

Anyone else disturbed that the British stereotype is a fried egg?

Take a look:







Photo: Jonathan Icher
Make up: Anastasia Parquet
Hair: Guillaume Simonin


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