Remastered, Stabilised Apollo 16 Footage Of The Lunar Rover Looks Just Beautiful

18/12/2013 09:45

A remastered, stabilised clip of Nasa's Apollo 16 astronauts driving a Lunar Rover on the Moon back in 1972 has brought renewed attention on the fact that, you know, astronauts have driven on the moon.

Yes the fact that humans ever landed on the Moon at all is, arguably, cool enough. But it is also true that, while there, we also took some pretty decent video footage. And now it's looking better than ever.

The clip was remastered using commercially available software, using HD transfers of the original 16mm film.

The implied message? While China celebrates landing its robot on the surface, only Americans have put pedals to the metal and burned rubber on the Moon for real.

Apollo Archive Photos
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