The agency also revealed the first audio ever recorded on the surface of the Red Planet.
The six-wheeled rover survived its perilous descent to arrive on a long-vanished Martian lake bed.
It's the first time water on sunlit areas of the lunar surface has been confirmed.
The space agency unveiled its Artemis Plan to reestablish a presence on the moon "in preparation for human exploration of Mars."
So, NASA hasn't changed the zodiac signs after all. Why do so many people care?
Coverage will start at 5pm UK time – and the launch is due to take place just after 9.30pm.
The 57-year-old will be the first actor to film on board the International Space Station.
China’s manufacturing has taken a hit in recent weeks as the country has halted some transportation and quarantined residents to contain the virus.
Her calculations helped the first American orbit the Earth and inspired the film Hidden Figures.