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9 Spectacular Images Of Waves Pounding Britain's Coast

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Forecasters have warned that coastal areas could see more flooding as the heavy rain and gusts of wind continue to batter Britain while unsettled weather over the next few days will see rain falling on already saturated ground.

On Monday, the island’s seafronts took yet another pounding, particularly the northwest of England and in Wales, as large waves crashed over sea defences.

Here are the ten most spectacular coastal pictures from Monday's wintery battering.

  • PA
    Monster waves crash onto the promenade between Fleetwood and Blackpool.
  • PA
    Another image from the Blackpool coast.
  • PA
    Blackpool's rocky coastline takes a huge hit.
  • PA
    The famous Blackpool Tower looms in the background.
  • PA
    Water covers the coastal roads at Cleveleys, Lancashire.
  • PA
    Another huge wave crashes onto the Blackpool promenade.
  • PA
    This very brave/silly man chances the promenade.
  • PA
    People watch and photograph enormous waves as they break on Porthcawl harbour, South Wales.
  • PA
    Another huge water strikes the Welsh coast.

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