The Golden Globes In 12 Funny GIFs

13/01/2014 11:50 | Updated 23 January 2014

From Jennifer Lawrence to Bono and P Diddy, just a few of the best moments from the 2014 Golden Globes, captured in GIF form...

  • 1 Jennifer Lawrence goes after Taylor Swift
  • 2 Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, opening monologue-style
  • 3 Julia Louis-Dreyfus hangs out on 'the film table'
  • 4 Amy Poehler gets a massage from Bono
  • 5 Emma Thompson appears to be slightly sozzled, throws her shoes
  • 6 Jacqueline Bisset OWNS it
  • 7 Aubrey Plaza won't be outdone by her Parks And Recreation co-stars
  • 8 Amy Poehler plays Randy, Tina Fey's "adult son from a previous relationship"
  • 9 Lena Dunham's red carpet face
  • 10 Bono and P Diddy's meaningful embrace
  • 11 Aaron Paul celebrates Breaking Bad's win
  • 12 Elisabeth Moss tells E! where it can go

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