Emma Thompson

The Christmas rom-com is as popular as ever – even two decades after its release.
"It’s just rude, actually. It’s just a rude word for creative people," the Oscar winner claimed.
Seriously, is there anyone out there cooler than Dame Emma Thompson?
The two-time Oscar winner and her daughter Gaia Wise had some fun as they struck a pose at the show.
In one touching moment, the Prince of Wales kissed his father on the cheek.
The Good Luck To You, Leo Grande star has previously won two Oscars, and neither ceremony sounded like the makings of a fun night for her.
The Bafta-nominated Good Luck To You, Leo Grande and Bad Sisters star on his "pinch me" 12 months.
"It’s all very well, if you’re a bloke it’s a different kind of thing,” the two-time Oscar winner said.