We've all done it - had a couple of drinks too many and fallen asleep.

But not like this drunk Russian chap.

This is just wrong. Classic Japanese horror movie wrong...

(Via Gawker/Hyper Vocal)

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  • All Dressed Up

    With his makeup painted on and a penis on his cheek, Dave is ready to take on the night.

  • Coordinating Couple

    Pink is both of their color!

  • An Appropriate Use Of Saran Wrap

    Now, this is what I call installation art.

  • All Dressed Up

    Ready for prom!

  • Toothpick Hair

    The hairstyle he's always wanted.

  • Intricate Face Paint

    This is the same face paint design that John got at the state fair when he was five.

  • Happy Face Paint

    Half-man, half-clown, completely drunk.

  • Woman with drunk man

    The artist posing with her work.

  • Cat Man In A Suit

    The bow tie really adds some flair.

  • Food Is Art

    These onions aren't making him cry; they're making him smile.

  • Fruit Decorations

    On the bright side, when he wakes up he can have a very delicious smoothie.

  • Just Hanging Out

    Duct tape was the only thing holding Tommy together that night.

  • Proud Of Their Work

    Posing with their muse.

  • An Eclectic Mix Of Materials

    No mummy made of saran wrap is complete without a cowboy hat.

  • A Bottle Angel

    Isn't it beautiful?