What's the worst thing that could happen to a man when he goes to the toilet? Watch this new Bathstore advert to find out...

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  • A person claimed that, having dropped their iPhone into the toilet, they suffered a dislocated shoulder whilst attempting to fish it out. Despite this, they managed to retrieve it, but sadly, the smartphone no longer worked.

  • One person received a cut to the head and concussion from a falling cistern cover after knocking it off and onto their head whilst being sick into the toilet.

  • Somebody claimed to have lost three of their front teeth after falling and hitting their face on the sink whilst trying to remove their trousers when drunk.

  • One person said that they cut their hand on broken glass after singing into a hairbrush and accidentally striking the mirror with the brush, causing it to shatter.

  • A man claimed to have received an electric shock from hair straighteners after trying to retrieve them from a sink full of water that he'd inadvertently dropped them into.

  • An overweight person allegedly suffered cuts to their nether regions from the toilet seat lid shattering beneath their weight, after they sat on it whilst trying to put their socks on following a shower.

  • One respondent dislocated their toe after it got stuck up inside the cold tap of the bath.

  • A woman claimed to have fallen through her bathroom window after slipping whilst standing in the bath and plunging through headfirst - luckily the bathroom was on the ground floor; but she was, unfortunately, naked.

  • A lady in her 30s fell off her toilet, unfortunately during her call of nature, after the toilet seat bracket came loose and caused the seat to slip to the side. She suffered bruising to her hip and elbow.

  • Another person said that they fell through the shower curtain, ripping the rail down and breaking their wrist in the process after panicking at the stinging sensation from getting shampoo directly in their eyes.