The Super Bowl: A Guide For British People

28/01/2014 15:32 | Updated 31 January 2014

Fellow Brits! Are you a bit confused by 'the Super Bowl'? Does it conjure up images of a really lovely bowl - by Wedgwood, perhaps?

Well, this guide is for you. As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, here are 12 amazing facts to help you understand the most important day in the American rugby-with-padding calendar...

  • 1. The Super Bowl uses Roman numerals because the first Super Bowl game took place during ancient Roman times, or as Americans call it '1967'.
  • 2. 'Super Bowl Sunday' sees Americans gather in large groups/large Americans gather in groups
  • 3. If all the guacamole consumed on Super Bowl Sunday was spread over a football field, most Americans would still eat it.
  • 4. Each one of the balls used during the Super Bowl game is hand-crafted by someone wearing an oversized football shirt.
  • 5. Ahead of the game, thousands of whoopie cushions are shipped to the stadium, and placed on fans' seats.
  • 6. Memorable half-time Super Bowl performances include Beyoncé leading a conga...
  • ...Alicia Keys playing the piano using only her mind...
  • ...and Madonna's 'Richard III' - now widely hailed as a classic.
  • 7. Players have been known to pray for victory, or phone a friend.
  • 8. While others, once they are captured by the crowds, are never seen again.
  • 9. Many fans watch the game wearing ancient tribal warpaint.
  • 10. Or ancient tribal headgear.
  • 11. The Super Bowl trophy often takes part in press conferences...
  • ...and has even visited the White House.
  • 12. It is won by the first player to work his way through fog on the pitch and grab it.

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