The massive, inexplicable and perhaps even vaguely suspicious success of mobile game inanity Flappy Bird appears to have taken its toll on its creator.

Dong Nguyen from Vietnam has taken to Twitter to deny any requests from press for interviews - and to deny lucrative marketing deals with US retailers.

Here are some of the things he's said so far:

1: His success is "overrated" and he didn't want it to happen:

2: Journalists are hounding him in his own country:

3. He's turned down offers of 'Flappy Bird' merchandise:

4. He's not bringing the game to consoles:

5: His success is "out of control".

6. His high score on Flappy Bird is 150.

7. He's a philosopher:

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  • 1. Learn to relax.

    This game is incredibly buggy and annoying. Often you'll fail even when you don't actually touch a pipe. This is because the game doesn't work very well. Accept it. Embrace it. Life is confusing.

  • 2. Really, learn to relax.

    Like most arcade games Flappy Bird is easier if you clear your mind, don't think too hard and try to go with the flow. If you can play with your mind totally relaxed, you'll do better.

  • 3. Take breaks.

    Seriously, this game is awful. You're life will be better the less you play it.

  • 4. Press Lightly

    Try to keep your finger nimble. Light taps, quick fingers, fast movements are the key.

  • 5. Rhythm.

    Try to rise up into the passes rather than dipping down - it's easier to control. Use a metronome in your head to try and stay in sync.

  • 6. Win medals.

    So 10 points gets you bronze, 20 and 30 win silver and gold respectively. If you win a medal you win, well, nothing. But GOOD JOB.

  • 7. Get Naked

    Take off any case or screen cover on your phone. This ensures the screen is as sensitive as possible.

  • 8. Use a big screen.

    The iPhone has a small screen and your finger covers up more of the screen compared to a big phone or tablet.

  • 9. Give up.

    You will never win.