Eyebrow-Less Beauty Is A Thing, Thanks To Alexander Wang's New York Show

15/12/2017 20:15 GMT

Now that you've mastered the art of the perfect Cara Devlingne brow, it's on to barely there beauty trend. Think no eyebrows, think futuristic and utilitarian.

Alexander Wang's Autumn/Winter 2014 catwalk during New York Fashion Week was all about the androgynous. His fleet of models had shellacked comb-overs (courtesy of hairstylist Guido Palau) and bleached brows with a smidge of contour and shine thanks to the NARS Illuminator.

Take a look at Karlie Kloss backstage before the show. Allure Magazine Instagrammed this close up of the model gal looking incredibly sleek in that other-worldly, pristine kind of way. Just. Wow.

Now going all out eyebrow-less takes confidence and total dedication (yes, actual bleaching too) but the results are take-notice.

While this trend is about immaculate, glossy-faced beauty it also complements a sharper, straighter hairstyle. Wang's models were the perfect example of how to do boyish-beauty.

The question is, would you do it off the catwalk and work it into your everyday routine?

Take a closer look at the full catwalk show in our gallery below. There were some killer clothes as well as standout beauty...