There's pretty stiff competition, but a a museum believes it has unearthed the worst Valentine's Day card in history.

The 100-year-old Victorian example features real facial hair stuck on the design to resemble a moustache.

Its caption reads: "For The New Woman! With St. Valentine's Heartiest Greetings and Best Hopes that she will receive another (moustache) - With A Man Attached."


The card, which dates from around 1900, has gone on display at York Castle Museum as part of its celebration of the most romantic day of the year.


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Collections facilitator Faye Prior said: "The Victorians were not the prim and proper lot they are often made out to be - they loved the curious and bizarre as much as we do today. It just wasn't shown in public as much.

"But even for them this card is remarkable. Whoever thought it was a wise idea to send a card with real moustache hair on?

"The card has certainly amused everyone at the Castle Museum - even if it is a bit insulting nowadays. I certainly wouldn't want to be the receiver of this card."


Ms Prior said the card was printed by and copyrighted to Angus Thomas, London, but other than that, very little is known about it

The card will be on display in the reception of York Castle Museum until Monday along with other, more romantic cards from the period.

The museum has more than 600 Valentine's cards in its collection, including the oldest-known example, which dates to 1797.

York Castle Museum is inviting the public to use Twitter and Facebook to share their thoughts on the card and their own worst Valentine's cards and presents.

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