Harrison Ford - From 'Star Wars' To 'Ender's Game', His Biggest Moments

13/03/2014 13:48 | Updated 13 March 2014

Harrison Ford may pick and choose his projects with abandon these days, preferring to spend time with his wife Calista Flockhart and young son - last seen motoring up the Norfolk Broads on a long boat, no less - but it wasn't always the way.

harrison ford

What is Harrison Ford's finest moment? It's hard to decide...

With a career spanning six decades, and films, including three massive franchises, often breaking box office records and securing more than $3.5billion at the US box office, Harrison Ford arguably remains the most successful actor of all time.

Add to this his catalogue of memorable cinematic heroes, and it's clear he's a unique figure in Hollywood. But how did he do it? To celebrate the release of his latest film, 'Ender's Game', on DVD, here's a review of some of his best moments...

Harrison Ford's Big Moments

'Ender's Game' is out now on DVD. Watch the trailer below...

Enders Game

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