'Line Of Duty' Series 2 Finishes Tonight - Is Your Money On DCC Dryden Or DI Denton For The Guilty Party? (VOTE)

19/03/2014 16:08 | Updated 19 March 2014

Ok, 'Line of Duty' fans, the witching hour is nearly upon us... when we discover which of the usual suspects planned the ambush of a protected witness.

What we know is... it was probably a cop (bad), and they've tried to pin it on someone else (double bad).

line of duty

In the final reckoning, it seems to be between DI Denton (Keeley Hawes), a broken woman, spurned by her lover, and determined to pin a horrendous crime on his senior shoulders.


DCC Dryden (Mark Bonnar) determined to keep his good name, even if it means getting rid of the protected witness intent on exposing his hypocrisy, and happy to frame his abandoned mistress while he's about it.


Is there someone else we've not spotted?

What's for certain is, Wednesday nights will be poorer without this bunch of morally skewed specimens on our screens.

The final episode of series two airs tonight (March 19) on BBC Two at 9pm.

Watch a preview clip below:

Line of Duty Series 2

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