Line of Duty

He’s teamed up with doctor Rachel Clarke and Line Of Duty star Prasanna Puwanarajah on ITV's Breathtaking.
Reports claim a new three-part series is in the works for 2023 – although the BBC has declined to confirm or deny the rumours.
EastEnders, Doctor Who, The Apprentice and the Eurovision Song Contest are all being celebrated.
The Ted Hastings actor has joined those calling for a general election.
Unsurprisingly, both stars of the BBC drama recalled the night slightly differently.
“So I thought it was a very clever – if not wholly satisfying dramatically – way of ending the series.”
“It’s brilliantly written and made but I don’t like that kind of TV.”
"I found it quite traumatising; there was a weird sort of stress involved."
Between them, Bridgerton's stars have racked up appearances in Line Of Duty, Broadchurch and Sex Education.