Line of Duty

This might also be where you'd already seen the actors before, too.
The screenwriter still insisted it was “too soon” to say if the hit BBC show would definitely be back, though.
The scene saw Ian Buckells shaking as he watched Lee Banks kill Jimmy Lakewell in his prison cell.
The fate of the show lies in the hands of writer and creator Jed Mercurio.
Fleming and Arnott brought out "The Cleaver" as they interrogated Jack Whitehall.
There was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment going back as far as series one.
The drama's creator did not hold back after one social media user branded Line Of Duty a "cheap little show".
The police drama's conclusion has sparked a lot of conversation on social media.
Writer Jed Mercurio had planted a hint in the 2012 series but it passed the show’s armchair detectives by.