The Brit Awards' Line Of Duty Sketch Featured AC-12's Most Fearsome Character Yet In Jackie Weaver

Fleming and Arnott brought out "The Cleaver" as they interrogated Jack Whitehall.

Forget Tommy Hunter, forget DCS Patricia Carmichael, there’s a new Line Of Duty who is more fearsome than them all – Jackie Weaver.

AC-12′s DI Steve Arnott and DI Kate Fleming came face to face with the Handforth Parish Council clerk in a comical exchange during Tuesday night’s Brit Awards.

Host Jack Whitehall faced interrogation from the officers from the hit BBC police drama, in a hilarious pre-recorded sketch at the start of the ceremony, as they demanded to know who was kicking off the show.

Jackie Weaver joined Line Of Duty's Martin Compston and Vicky McClure for a special Brit Awards sketch
Jackie Weaver joined Line Of Duty's Martin Compston and Vicky McClure for a special Brit Awards sketch

“No comment,” he said, in reference to the frustrating answer given by DCI Jo Davidson in a recent interview scene.

“This is harder than pulling an OCU out of a AIV,” Fleming – played by Vicky McClure – said over Zoom.

“Aye, this guy is a TIT,” Arnott – played by Martin Compston – joked.

Arnott then joked it was “time to roll out the big guns” as Jackie joined the video call.

“Shall we bring this Brit Awards to order?” she said.

As Jack questioned who she was, Arnott explained she was his “worst nightmare”.

“She’s Jackie Weaver, aka the Cleaver,” Fleming explained.

“Now you listen up, if you don’t get on with this, I’ll kick you out,” she said, in reference to the events from the infamous Handforth Parish Council meeting that went viral last year.

“You have no authority here. Read the Standing Orders! Read them and understand them!” Jack said, quoting one of the council members.

Jackie then removed Jack from the meeting, remarking: “I think we’ve had quite enough of him. Shall we get on with this?... To open the BRIT Awards, enjoy four lovely lads who have a band called Four play...”

Arnott and Fleming quickly informed her that she meant Coldplay, before she said: “Do you want kicking off as well?”

Jackie kicked Jack Whitehall off the Zoom call
Jackie kicked Jack Whitehall off the Zoom call

Coldplay then delivered a performance of their new single Higher Power from a pontoon on the River Thames, surrounded by hologram dancers and against a backdrop of purple and orange fireworks.

Tuesday night’s Brit Awards were able to take place with an audience of 4,000 people as part of the government’s live events pilot scheme, with 2,500 tickets gifted to key workers from the Greater London area.

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