Jack Whitehall

The comedian also joked about Little Mix’s synchronised pregnancies and the recent Colin The Caterpillar saga as he hosted the show.
Fleming and Arnott brought out "The Cleaver" as they interrogated Jack Whitehall.
Jack Whitehall is back on presenting duties – but what is the show actually going to look like?
"She wouldn’t even look at me and I heard her calling me a very obscene word to the stage manager."
The excitement of Kylie's Disco helped us through a week dominated by lockdown and the US election. And even in the serious news coverage, there were laughs to be had thanks to an unfortunate live TV blunder.
Foals, Stormzy and Paloma Faith also ensured the imbalance was addressed during Tuesday's ceremony.
The comedian took shots at everyone from the royals to Boris Johnson, even sending up his own presenting at one point.
The comedian described her as a "kind and vibrant person with an infectious sense of fun" as he opened the 2020 ceremony.
Graham missed the show as he prepares to commentate Eurovision in Tel Aviv.
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"Are you remotely aware of the work these girls are doing to challenge this objectivity?"
He also managed to bring up Simon Cowell and Chris Hughes in the space of just a few minutes.
It was another impressive performance from our favourite funnyman.
He impressed with his first stint earlier this year.
Our community has always been about respect and mutual support. It saddens me we’re losing that cohesion over issues like trans inclusivity