Jack Whitehall

Including the gripping Fool Me Once, the emotional Good Grief and the final outing of Queer Eye's current Fab Five.
The comedian and his partner Roxy Horner have welcomed their first child together.
The comedian says there's good reason he "always throws Piers Morgan under the bus" on stage.
“I’d watched my pallid, flappy body lolloping around and thought, ‘Yeah that’s funny’.”
The comedian also joked about Little Mix’s synchronised pregnancies and the recent Colin The Caterpillar saga as he hosted the show.
Fleming and Arnott brought out "The Cleaver" as they interrogated Jack Whitehall.
Jack Whitehall is back on presenting duties – but what is the show actually going to look like?
"She wouldn’t even look at me and I heard her calling me a very obscene word to the stage manager."
The excitement of Kylie's Disco helped us through a week dominated by lockdown and the US election. And even in the serious news coverage, there were laughs to be had thanks to an unfortunate live TV blunder.