Brit Awards 2021: Jack Whitehall Takes Aim At Piers Morgan And Laurence Fox – 14 Of His Funniest Brits Quips

The comedian also joked about Little Mix’s synchronised pregnancies and the recent Colin The Caterpillar saga as he hosted the show.

Jack Whitehall was back at the helm of the Brit Awards for the fourth time on Tuesday night, and was on typically hilarious form.

The comedian, who has become famed for his no-holds barred style of presenting, presided over the 2021 ceremony, which went ahead with relative normalcy as part of the government’s live event research programme.

Jack took aim at everyone from Piers Morgan to Laurence Fox, and also joked about the likes of Little Mix’s synchronised pregnancies and the recent Colin The Caterpillar saga.

Here are just some of our favourite Jack Whitehall moments from the 2021 Brits...

Jack Whitehall presenting the Brit Awards
Jack Whitehall presenting the Brit Awards
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1. Making a risky move as he opened the show:

“I can’t tell you how grateful we are to be here tonight for the first live event back in the O2 arena. Yes, this venue has been emptier than Piers Morgan’s diary."”

2. We welcomed Craig David’s comeback though. Covid’s less so:

“It's been a tough year, Covid's had more comebacks than Craig David."”

3. Sliding in a cheeky dig at his pal and ex-One Directioner:

“To ensure a reduced capacity we billed this as a Niall Horan gig."”

4. Referencing Leigh-Anne and Perrie’s synchronised baby announcements:

“These girls are so in sync they can even harmonise their pregnancies, it's Little Mix!"”

5. Oh yes, he went there...

“The next question on my card is, what did you do to pass the time in lockdown? But… I wasn’t going to ask it, but the proof is in the pudding."”

6. Poor Olly:

“To present the award for British Group, Grammy nominated, double platinum-selling lead singer of the biggest band in the world Adam Lambert, and TikToker Olly Murs."”

7. We didn’t realise it was possible to make a joke including Colin The Caterpillar and Taylor Swift, but here we are:

“I can't believe I'm saying this, but the undisputed Queen of Pop is in attendance. She's been ripped off more times than Colin the Caterpillar, but she's come out swinging. If she doesn't win tonight she'll probably just re-record the whole show to make sure that she does... Taylor Swift will be with us later."”

8. Take it Jack wasn’t a fan of Steps’ collaboration with Michelle Visage, then?

“It has been a tumultuous year for British groups. Little Mix got littler, Mumford and Sons’ banjoist snapped and the band Steps reformed. Thus, unleashing a devastating second wave of virulent pop music on the nation."”

9. It wouldn’t be Jack Whitehall hosting the Brits without a little dig at the government:

“Time for another award, and to present it Brentford’s favourite pirate radio DJs. They’re more corrupt than the Feng Shui at Number 10, it’s Kurupt FM.”

10. Explaining how there were some silver linings to the past year:

“The music industry has had it tough this year, but there have been some good news stories… Laurence Fox’s tragic foray into politics that meant at least he’s finally stopped making music."”

11. We have all our fingers crossed this doesn’t happen:

“This test event is kicking off! They’re having the times of their lives, but tomorrow they’ll be in one of Professor Chris Whitty’s graphs."”

12. Probably sealing his own fate:

“It’s not just the key workers who are in the room this evening, the suites and the boxes in the O2 are also full. So let’s give it up for the corporate wankers! The essential work that they do as well. Ok… that’s probably the moment that I don’t get asked back next year."”

13. Introducing Lewis Capaldi:

“He’s the down to earth, global superstar who sells out stadiums while still giving off the vibe of someone who woke up in a hedge – it’s the Buckfast Adele, Mr Lewis Capaldi!"”

14. Everything about this sea shanty parody was genius:

The BRIT Awards 2021 - Media Room

Brit Awards 2021 Red Carpet


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