Chadwick The Koi Carp Finally Home After Escaping During UK Floods

05/04/2014 15:11 BST | Updated 05/04/2014 15:59 BST
Eric Lowenbach via Getty Images

Rest easy folks, Chadwick the missing carp has returned safely to his Romsey pond after escaping during the floods.

The 10-year-old chagoi koi carp drifted out of World of Water in Romsey, Hampshire in February.

The adventurous fish was discovered an incredible seven miles (11km) away – crossing roads and industrial estates to get to his final location.

In March, a sturgeon, named Steve, which was lost in the same floods was discovered in a car wash puddle.

Centre manager Mark Bradbury said he was "hugely relieved" his fish have returned home.

"It's a fantastic story, no-one could believe where Chadwick had ended up.

"He has recovered quickly and returned to his normal friendly self, but will be left with a nasty scar and damaged dorsal fin."

Staff at the centre say Chadwick and Steve have become "inseparable" after their travels.