10 Things Only Psychology Students Will Understand

07/04/2014 14:06 | Updated 07 April 2014
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As university subjects go, psychology is assumed to be one of the easiest. Psychology students are used to being asked a whole host of ridiculous questions from 'So can you read my mind?' to 'But it's not really a real subject is it?'.

While the course content may seem easy, or even 'common sense', the methods of assessment are what really make psychology such a challenging subject - from the never-ending stream of new research (all of which is only really slightly related to what the coursework is on) to the near-impossible task of understanding, and even using, statistical tests and SPSS. Psychology can actually be a lot trickier than it initially seems.

That said, the lighter work load psychology offers does lead to some perks only psychology students can really relate to, such as actually enjoying the holidays between each term (due to very minimal amounts of coursework and exams) and having enough spare time to pursue other, non-academic, interests.

Psychology also provides students with valuable life skills, from knowledge about optimal revision techniques to boost their brain's memory to a much deeper understanding than their peers about why people behave in the way they do.

As a subject all about how humans work, psychology is something that can be found in basically every aspect of life and the knowledge a psychology degree provides is flexible enough to be useful in any sort of situation, from working in an office to raising children.

Therefore, while their fellow students mock them for studying such a 'soft' subject, psychology student's improved knowledge of how everyone else works means they will always have the last laugh (while reading your mind at the same time).

  • 1 Constantly being asked 'So, can you tell what I'm thinking right now??'
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  • 2 And also being asked 'Isn't it all just common sense?"
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  • 3 Basically everyone on the course is female
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  • 4 Constantly being asked to participate in post-grad research
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  • 5 The pains of referencing and APA formatting
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  • 6 Having to understand and use statistics and SPSS
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  • 7 Constantly getting insignificant results in your own research
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  • 8 Strange, slightly creepy, lecturers...
    Lukasz Laska via Getty Images
  • 9 A significantly small amount of lectures
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  • 10 Not knowing quite what to do with all your free time
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