Nasa Admits Humanity Will Not Survive Unless We Get To Mars

25/04/2014 10:25 BST | Updated 28/04/2014 21:59 BST

Nasa has admitted that humanity will not survive for very long unless we make it to Mars.

Nasa administrator Charles Bolden said that humans have to become a "multi-planet species" within a couple of centuries to avoid certain disaster.

Bolden was speaking at the Humans 2 Mars Summit on its - currently hypothetical - plans to put a manned spacecraft on Mars by 2030.

He said:

"One reason we need to go to Mars is so that we can learn a little bit about living on other planets ... Mars is a steppingstone in the steppingstone approach to other solar systems and other galaxies and things that people have always dreamed of but frequently don't talk about."

Take a look at the rest of the speech in the video above.

Meanwhile there are problems on Earth Nasa should also maybe take a swing at - like perhaps the imminent destruction of all life by surprisingly regular asteroid impacts.