21 Things Which Make You A Nottingham University Student

07/05/2014 08:34 | Updated 07 May 2014

Being a student at the University of Nottingham is the best.

Being at one of the top ranking universities in the world certainly has its advantages: the students are clever and the campus is very pretty.

Nottingham might well be as north as you are willing to go and you’re still worried about those Shottingham rumours, but that’s ok duck! Home to Robin Hood and his merrymen, the oldest pub in Britain and Batman’s house, there’s a wealth of culture that you can completely ignore as a student.

As a student at the prestigious Uni of (“No I most certainly do not go to Trent!”), you are automatically given a superiority complex over our city-centre rivals. This in turn extends to the least popular halls of residence and your Northern friends as you are most likely from Surrey and want to be in Cripps. No matter what, as a student at Nottingham you know you are pretty special (but not special enough for Oxbridge).

In years to come, once we eventually graduate, we will all remember with nostalgia the stickiness of the Ocean carpet, the sleazy behavior of the Crisis balcony and the ‘classy’ nights we had in Cocotang. All whilst trying to forget the sweat box that is Hallward and the fight to get on the 34 outside Sainsbury’s. Life at Nottingham isn’t always as perfect as the prospectus makes out.

Here we bring you 21 reasons you know you’re a Nottingham student: whether you’ve witnessed it, moaned about it or simply wondered why?

  • 1 Campus is beautiful and you have Instagrammed it a lot.
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  • 2 The Big O is the only option on a Friday night. You were disappointed it didn't smell any different after Andy Hoe changed the carpet but swing your shirt around your head to Baywatch anyway.
    Ocean Nightclub Facebook
  • 3 What is The Den?
    Jonathan Storey via Getty Images
    Sorry where do you mean?
  • 4 Portland Hill is your nemesis
    altrendo images via Getty Images
    It's not actually that steep but it certainly feels it.
  • 5 Traffic stops to let the geese cross the road
  • 6 Edgy is the campus style look you're going for as you desperately try to shake off your public school background
    Sam Edwards via Getty Images
    You've bought some New Balance, a scrunchie and a trilby in order to fit in with the cool crowd.
  • 7 You have sat through some awful New Theatre productions. And some good ones.
    Facebook The Nottingham New Theatre
  • 8 Jubilee Campus is where the architect went crazy with shapes
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  • 9 You've asked the question where is Sutton Bonington?
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    It's a peculiar place where they milk cows and host farmer's markets.
  • 10 The only option for lunch is queuing out of the door for a Boots Meal Deal. Or for a fake Starbucks in Hallward.
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  • 11 You have got lost in the maze that is the Coates building
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    Wrong entrance door every time.
  • 12 You have a strong opinion regarding catered vs non catered halls. And an even stronger one on hall rivalries. We all unite though in our hatred of Rutland.
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  • 13 Living in Lenton beats living in Beeston any day
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    Lenton means you live with friends, Beeston means that you don't
  • 14 You have been called 'duck' by a local and you don't know why
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  • 15 Your heart has sank too many times as the third 34 has sped past at 8.50am
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    There is no point in running - it won't stop anyway
  • 16 You frequently ask why can't Hallward sort the heating system out?
    One extreme to the other: sweating in the silent section or shivering in short loan.
  • 17 You have ordered Fortune Boy to the library
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  • 18 The only time you have been to Mooch is after an exam for a jug of Pimms.
    Clara Molden/PA Archive
  • 19 You think you went on a Karni Rag Raid, but you can't remember - too much Karni cocktail
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  • 20 You feel inferior to the alumni who have managed to top the charts only a year after graduation
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    London Grammar are setting the bar too high
  • 21 Chanting "Your Dad works for my Dad" at a Varsity match to maintain the elitist stereotype of a top class university
    University of Nottingham Student's Union Facebook
    Varsity is a chance to put Trent in their place
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