River Island Removes 'Sexist' Anti-Nagging Gag Ball, After Twitter Users Threaten Boycott

05/06/2014 05:55 pm 17:55:26

River Island have committed a disastrous own goal after a football-themed novelty item urging men to "gag" nagging wives or girlfriends caused uproar on Twitter, forcing the company to remove the item from their website.

The product, which featured a plastic football on a string, was labelled 'sexist' and 'offensive' by angry Twitter users.

'The Domestic Anti Nag Gag' was first highlighted by actress, Jenny Bede, who saw the product in a River Island shop and tweeted the Everyday Sexism project.

Jenny said she was "stunned" by the item.

"This can't be real surely?! It's disgusting," replied one user.

The product's packaging pictured woman's open mouth, with a caption: "Will you put a sock in it!!!"

river island

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