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As a nation, we are moving in the right direction, but hope 2018 will be the year we see real, significant and meaningful change
'The impact of including mixed abilities in advertising could be huge.'
An 11-year-old boy with Down’s syndrome landed his first official modelling job as part of River Island’s latest children’s
The high street collaboration we have all been waiting for has finally arrived, as River Island has announced it is teaming
Fearne Cotton took the idea of suffering for fashion to the next level when she willingly shed her outfit for a customer
This person had a really good point. A woman’s tweet has gone viral after she pointed out the mannequins in River Island
"It's clear from the designs that they have been made to suit a curvy woman's body," she said of the new range, which includes
Another British high street favourite is branching into the plus size clothing market. River Island are launching 'RI Plus
Anything which makes epilepsy slightly more mainstream is to be welcomed so that kids can feel like they aren't so weird after all. And why the bags River Island pushed out in conjunction with Epilepsy Action should be a good thing. 'Seize the day' they said - what a lark! Look at us eppys, nature's fruit cakes, laughing at ourselves and soldiering on. Look at us eppys, nature's fruit cakes, laughing at ourselves and soldiering on. What a hoot! We even shop in the High Street despite ourselves. But strangely enough, they aren't right. There is something odd about them.
River Island have found themselves once again in Twitter's firing line, after a book making "jokes about domestic violence
Nothing says Christmas like a good old festive knit. From Ron Weasley's monogrammed maroon number to Mark Darcy's reindeer
River Island have committed a disastrous own goal after a football-themed novelty item urging men to "gag" nagging wives
Fictional American universities, generic sports teams, and punk bands that thrived three generations ago; these are the sort of things that should be on teenagers' t-shirts. So when fashion retailers try to elevate off-the-shelf edginess to silly new levels, you suddenly remember that it's idiotic adults who are in charge.
For me, the British Summertime is all about its music festivals. I will be taking you through a tour of the very best things going on in and around London with my first belated entry about the mother of all festivals, Glastonbury.
Imagine the scene. You've won a competition to be at the launch of Rihanna's River Island clothing launch (pretty amazing
Rihanna dressed down as she partied at DSTRKT Shoppers are now able to get their hands on the range, which hits shelves today