Keith Harris Breaks Down On Stage With Orville, Tells Audience He's Having Further Cancer Treatment

06/07/2014 11:05 | Updated 28 April 2015

Keith Harris broke down on stage with puppet Orville, before revealing to a stunned holiday park crowd that he was preparing to have a bone marrow transplant.

The veteran entertainer was entertaining the crowd at the Wild Duck Park in Great Yarmouth when he had a brief rest, before coming back on stage and confiding his health struggles to the audience.

keith harris

Keith Harris has been performing with Orville for more than 30 years

The Sun reports that the audience then gave Keith a standing ovation as he performed his final song with Orville, 'I Wish I Could Fly'.

Ventriloquist Keith said: “That was very emotional. I broke down in tears because of their expression of love.”

Keith had an operation to remove his pancreas last year, but has been back on stage since February.

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