Thunder & Lightning Erupt Over Britain But Heatwave Warnings Remain In Place (PICTURES)

18/07/2014 08:51 | Updated 18 July 2014

Furious storms erupted above the skies of Britain last night – though the heatwave warning remains in place.

There were more than 3,000 lightning strikes in two hours in the UK, BBC Weather writes.

According to the Met Office, Friday could top Thursday as the hottest day of the year, with maximum temperatures expected to reach 30 degrees Celsius.

  • JamieRussell / BNPS
    Lightning as seen from the Isle of Wight during last night's storm
  • Alex Lawrence ‏@The_Whitewall
    '#brighton #storm #lightning #sussex going to try get back to sleep now... '
  • @thelegolawman
    A lightning strike captured at 3am in Swansea by @thelegolawman
  • @unclepindy
    'There's a little #storm going on at #fistral beach in #newquay right now… ' #lightning #pewpew #thunder #ouch via @unclepindy who is a self confessed atmospheric electricity fanatic.
  • Rex
    Lightning in the skies as an electric storm passes over London, Britain
  • @justinstokes_
    'Just woke up and photographed this #thunderandlightning #canarywharf'
  • @bigfug
    'Insane lightning #storm over #Brighton Marina' via @bigfug
  • @kernownelly
    'Awesome lightning display over mounts bay #cornwall #penzance' @kernownelly
  • @kernownelly
    'Lovely bit of electrical activity over mounts bay tonight @CornwaII'
  • @MPSinthesky
    'And here folks is why we are currently on the ground!! #SummerStorm '
  • @HanChan24
    '#thunderandlightning My fiance's incredible view of the thunderstorm over Brighton & Hove Beach. WIDE AWAKE NOW!'
  • @Kev_Andrew
    'Another storm moves across London, not as big as the one a few hours ago but still crazy #thunderandlightning !! '
  • @JamesCollinsC
    'Great shots of the lighting storm hitting London, pretty sure it made something explode #thunderandlightning'
  • @StuartTree
    'A quick pic of the #thunderandlightning over Epsom this morning. Should go to bed #storm'
  • @TommyHatwell
    'Cornwall takes the hit tonight' via @TommyHatwell
  • @TommyHatwell
    'Cornwall takes the hit tonight' via @TommyHatwell
  • @MercianMedia
    'Here's what the #thunderandlightning looked like over Hayes in Kent #lightning #storm'
  • @hamitx
    'Crazy lightning in London right now'
  • Rex
    Lightning in the skies as an electric storm passes over London, Britain
  • Lee Searle Photography via Dreams of Cornwall
    Lightning over St Michaels Mount
  • @MPSinthesky
    'Here's a snap from India-99 taken as the current storm approaches London #lightning'
  • @Lady_Muck666
    'Just caught this photo of the #lightening from the cliffs in Saltdean'
  • JC Photography via Dreams of Cornwall
    Lightning storms at Godrevy on Cornwall's north coast, posted by Jerry Cartlidge.
  • Lightning storms over Cornwall, this was taken in Truro by Adam Sargent via Dreams of Cornwall
Storm Chaser Catches Lightning

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