14/08/2014 16:39 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Aldi's Clear Effect Skincare Range: Should You Buy It?

Aldi, the discount supermarket chain, is launching a skincare range. Yes, this news might sound surprising - it's not exactly the first place we'd think to visit when our moisturiser runs out - but the Lacura Clear Effect Face Care collection will go on sale on 23 February.

Is it cheap? In comparison to most other skincare brands, yes. Each product is £2.99.

Does it work? Team MyDaily put Clear Effect to the test.


The first thing to know is the Clear Effect range has been made for "blemish-prone" skin. There are five products, from a tinted moisturiser to a 3-in-1 cleanser and each contains Magnolia extract and BioEcolia to calm and soothe.

We've got to be honest - there's nothing luxurious about this skincare. Then again, if you're not up for spending huge amounts on your beauty routine but want to effectively clean your skin, these products do the job. Here's our full verdict:

Clear Effect Face Care 3 in 1 Cleanser
- The blurb says: "This cleanser contains pore-refining microparticles that gently remove dead skin cells."
- MyDaily says: "This didn't smell the best - it was a little chemically. It did feel smooth against the skin though. I find a lot of high end brands too abrasive - they tend to dry out my skin and I was expecting the same from Aldi. But I was pleasantly surprised. It took off my makeup without any mascara residue and it didn't sting at all."

Clear Effect Face Care Daily Facial Gel Wash
- The blurb says: "This facial wash gently and thoroughly removes impurities and makeup to reduce shine and greasiness."
- MyDaily says: "This gel has a pungent scent, but it left my skin feeling refreshed as soon as I washed it off my face. It easily took off all traces of my makeup - even my mascara!"

Clear Effect Face Care Mattifying Moisturiser
- The blurb says: "The magnolia extract contained within soothes to create an immediate mattifying effect with 24 hour moisture to give skin an even and refined complexion."
- MyDaily says: "My skin felt super soft after one application - but I wouldn't say this feeling lasted for 24 hours afterwards."

Clear Effect Face Care Tinted Day Cream
-The blurb says: "The day cream contains a touch of natural colour to mattify the complexion, balancing out minor imperfections and unevenness for a beautiful spring glow."
- MyDaily says: "It provided even coverage but I didn't feel confident that this would last all day. I would use this on holiday when my skin is already glowing rather than first thing on a February morning."

Clear Effect Face Care Soothing Night Cream
- The blurb says: "The night cream contains the active ingredients complex of balloon plant echium and sunflower oil to sooth stressed skin and promote suppleness overnight."
- MyDaily says: "It smelt better than the face wash but the scent was still slightly medicine-like. The texture is creamy - which I liked because I get dry skin around my hair line - but it's non-greasy. My skin felt smooth and hydrated the next morning."

The Lacura Clear Effect Face Care goes on sale at Aldi on 23 February, priced at £2.99.

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