Blush! Rude Carrots Found In Veggie Bag

12/12/2017 05:00 GMT

Blush! Rude carrots found in veggie bag

These 'rude carrots' made us blush as orange as the veggies themselves!

Pam Wilson, 65, discovered a collection of raunchy carrots which seemed to be craving more than just a good peeling in a bag of vegetables she was feeding to a friend's horse.

The first 'Mr Carrot' she pulled out of the mixed vegetable bag looked like a certain male organ, while the second 'Mrs Carrot' she found showed a woman crossing her legs!

The retired home tutor from Louth, Lincolnshire saw the funny side, saying: "I thought it was quite humorous when I pulled out the male-looking carrot, but I couldn't believe my eyes when I picked a Mrs Carrot to go with him.

Blush! Rude carrots found in veggie bag

"I took some pictures of them arranging them into different positions and then I fed them to the horses. I didn't see the point in keeping them they weren't my carrots - they were for the horses.

"And they seemed to quite enjoy them. Everybody I have shown since thinks they are hilarious. It's a little bit naughty - but you've got to have a giggle haven't you."