Mac's Maleficent Collection AKA How To Get Angelina Jolie's Villain Face

14/08/2014 16:43 | Updated 20 May 2015

Ever wanted to look like Angelina Jolie? Well now you can. Sort of.

Mac is launching a Maleficent makeup collection to coincide with the release of Disney's new film at the end of May. It includes everything you'll need to recreate her villain face as the lead role. Is it striking? Er, yes. You could say that...


But be warned - while this makeup range isn't actually going to make you look like a witch (phew) it isn't full of pretty pastels and shimmering glosses. Instead, you'll find the statement red True Love's Kiss lipstick, the Anthurium Pro Longwear Lip Glass (also in a cherry shade), plus nail polishes in Uninvited (taupe), Nocturnelle (black) and Flaming Rose (fuchsia.)

There's also a four-colour eye palette with smoky yellow, tan and black shades. Think strong and severe instead of flirty and feminine.


The full Mac Maleficent line goes on sale in US stores and online from 15 May. Want to see a sneak preview of Angelina in the title role before she hits the silver screen? Of course you do! Go behind-the-scenes with Jolie and her co-star Elle Fanning in the video below.

Want to master the perfect smoky eye? Find all the makeup inspo you need with our celebrity guide below:



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