Unisex Perfume: The Best Valentine's Day Gift Idea?

21/11/2017 12:29 GMT

The ideal Valentine's Day gift would be thoughtful and unique - anything but cheesy. A new scent perhaps?

That's where Laboratory Perfumes comes in. The fragrance brand has launched a unisex perfume range just in time for 14 February. The perk? One bottle goes between two. It's a product for sharing. A perfume that's economical and romantic!


You will have to decide on a perfume that you both approve of though. There are three to choose from - a spicy, woody amber, a fresh and citrus-scented gorse and the most aromatic of the trio, samphire.

And if you feel like splashing out, there are candles to match each scent.

The fragrances are £55 each available from Laboratory Perfumes.

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