Victoria's Secret Show Is Officially The Hardest Event To Get Into

21/08/2014 14:44 | Updated 20 May 2015

Victoria's Secret will host its first ever catwalk show at London's Earls Court on 2 December.


According to recent reports, guests must be willing to part with almost £10,000 for a seat.

​The Independent and Metro report events planning company Cornucopia has global exclusivity on the sale of these tickets, which be available to buy from 2 December.

The extortionate ticket price is designed to "keep out the riff raff, essentially," a source revealed to The Telegraph. "They only want high net worth individuals because along with that normally comes a lot of class and manners."

However, after the news around the alarming ticket prices broke, Sharon Jester Turney, president and chief executive officer of Victoria Secret, has put the record straight.

"Victoria's Secret does not sell tickets to our invitation-only show and does not authorize any third-party agent to sell tickets on our behalf," Turney told Fashionista. "They only wait obtain tickets is by special invitation or through charitable contributions to pre-approved non-profit organizations".

Either way, the Victoria's Secret London show is officially the most difficult event to get into this year.

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