Ed Miliband In 15 Hilariously Awkward Photos

04/11/2014 17:14 | Updated 13 November 2014

Ed Miliband was pilloried last week after he was snapped giving money to a beggar with an expression that critics said looked like he "feared she had Ebola".

The reaction to this tragically cringe-worthy moment may not have come as a surprise to Miliband, who has admitted that he is not very good at photo-ops. Here are just 15 examples that suggest the camera is not a fan of the Labour leader.

  • 1 Ed knows how to ruin a good shot...
  • 2 Ed tries to impress a child with his catching skills. Fails.
  • 3 Ed considers a radical new outfit for PMQs...
    "It'll help us by distracting from your message," they told him.
  • 4 One thing Ed is good at is spotting a bargain...
  • 5 "Can Ed fix it? Errr"
  • 6 Ed can't hide his disdain for this young lad's efforts
  • 7 Ed bravely ignores the looming threat...
  • 8 "I could be doing this instead of politics," Ed thinks
  • 9 Stand back, Ed has this game sorted
  • 10 Ed can stand the heat...
  • 11 Ed is a fearsome staring contest opponent
  • 12 Ed can't handle the excitement of cricket
  • 13 Ed was actually trying to build a treehouse. This will do.
  • 14 Ed is always a forward-looking leader
  • 15 Friends say Ed is outstanding in his field...
    He may have taken them a bit too literally...

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