Alexander Wang X H&Amp;M Lookbook: We Want Everything

15/12/2017 20:17 GMT

If you like your wardrobe to work anywhere, this 35-piece collection is for you.

Wang's debut performance gear is spot on for the gym (laser-cut shorts, bra tops, yoga mat, boxing gloves), for your working week (the sharp, structured outerwear is black, classic, waterproof) and to wear all weekend (panelled leggings, jacquard beanies, dresses, oversized mesh tops).

The items we really love? The neoprene bowling-style gym bag, the scuba sweatshirt with Wang's name all over it AND the black heeled boots.

Ok, we actually want it all in our Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

This might just be our favourite H&M collaboration yet. Take a flick through this gallery to see the lookbook in full and make a wish list for what you'll be gunning for come the 6 November.