Mickey Mouse Is Hidden In All These Disney Films. Can You Find Him?

09/01/2015 16:47 | Updated 20 May 2015

Mickey Mouse

Can you spot the Mickey Mouse heads hiding in the background of these iconic Disney films?

Hidden Mickeys are one of Disney's most intriguing traditions - apparently, animators hide an image of the famous mouse in all of the company's films.

And even if you've seen the movies a hundred times (and some of us have!), they may well have passed you by.

Check out some examples below and test your observational skills by looking for the Hidden Mickeys, which have become a sort of secret bonus or 'easter egg' for the attentive viewer.

The company has never released a comprehensive list of all the hidden Mickeys before, leaving that to dedicated fans, who maintain websites tracking all the potential sightings.

But the official Disney blog has now revealed the Mickeys in a special round-up.

While some of the hidden Mickeys submitted by eagle-eyed viewers are indisputably the iconic mouse, others make you wonder if they've been looking so hard that they're seeing Mickey everywhere!

Disney's peculiar tradition of hiding its iconic Mickey silhouette wherever they can doesn't end at its cinematic output.

Mickeys are also integrated into in the architecture and decor of Disney's theme parks around the world.

The tradition started in the 1970s at DisneyWorld, and spotting the Mickeys soon became such a popular pastime for visitors that the secret designs were included in all Disney parks built since then.

And it's not just Mickeys anymore - characters as diverse as Donald Duck, Tinkerbell and Jafar have all been spotted lurking in Disney theme parks.

So, if you ever find yourself in one of the Magic Kingdoms, remember to keep your eyes peeled!

Snow White and the Seven Dawrfs

hidden mickeys disney

hidden mickeys disney

The Lion King

hidden mickeys disney

hidden mickeys disney

Lilo and Stitch

hidden mickeys disney

hidden mickeys disney

The Little Mermaid

hidden mickeys disney

hidden mickeys disney


hidden mickeys disney

hidden mickeys disney

Beauty and the Beast

Wreck-It Ralph

hidden mickeys disney

hidden mickeys disney

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