The Clangers: BBC Gives Viewers First Glimpse Of Re-Invented Series

20/03/2015 13:31 | Updated 20 May 2015

Original Clangers puppets

The BBC has given viewers the first glimpse of the new Clangers series with a short YouTube clip.

The vintage children's favourite has been given a £5million re-invention and is due to be broadcast in spring.

The Clanger family – Major, Mother, Small, Tiny and Granny – are still knitted from wool and look similar to the original series' characters.

They also still live together on the moon in the new series, which will be narrated by actor and presenter Michael Palin.

Jackie Edwards, the series' executive producer, said advances in animation since The Clangers first aired more than 45 years ago will mean some slight differences.

She explained: "We are able to give them more personality – a little twitch of the ear which can say so much."

But she added: "The new series is very faithful to the original. It is still made with wool and love... there is a magic about The Clangers that's enduring. You can tell what they're saying."

The 1m 45s clip was an instant hit with viewers.

One wrote: "My four-year old was entranced."

Another added: "Now this takes me back!"

The original series of The Clangers aired in 1969, and ran for 26 episodes until November 1972. There was also a four-minute election special broadcast in 1974.

The You Tube short explained to children what a solar eclipse is, ahead of the eclipse expected to take place this morning.

It stressed that viewers should take care of their sight, only viewing the phenomenon through special goggles.

The series has had heavy involvement from Daniel Postgate, the son of Oliver Postgate, who co-created and narrated the original version of The Clangers.

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