Painting Of Donald Trump As A Pile Of Poop By Street Artist 'Hanksy' Appears In Manhattan, New York

28/08/2015 16:59
Eduardo Munoz Alvarez via Getty Images

Elections are heated affairs, and members of the public often turn to graffiti as a way to have their voices heard among the rabble.

One artist, who shall from this point forward be referred to as "a bloody hero", has painted a giant mural of the real estate mogul and Republican presidential hopeful on the side of a wall in Manhattan.

The artwork, presumably titled "Tronald Dump", is the creation of elite street artist Hanksy.

A photo posted by hanksy (@hanksynyc) on

Hanksy is well known for his pun-filled stencils, and parody paintings, often featuring movie star Tom Hanks.

Anti-Donald Trump Mural Painted By Hanksy

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