20/02/2012 03:11 GMT | Updated 20/04/2012 06:12 BST

Banksy Parody Hanksy Expands His Targets

You might remember in January we introduced you to the Banksy parody artist Hanksy, the prankster who has been decorating the streets of New York with graffiti stencils depicting the much-loved Hollywood actor Tom Hanks.

Well, The Huffington Post is reporting that he's back - and this time Hanksy has expanded his repertoire to include a number of new film and TV stars.

Drive star Ryan Gosling and TV's Ted Danson and Bill Cosby are the latest subjects to be paid homage by the spoof artist, marking a step away from simply parodying our own street art king Banksy.

Though he's retained the Banksy stencil style, it's clear Hansky is content to be more light-hearted and pop culture driven than his British hero who was recently dragged back into a turf war with old rival King Robbo.

Hanksy is currently appearing at the Krause Gallery in New York. We wonder if his work will ever make it into an exhibition in Britain? Perhaps we'll have to see a few Stephen Fry or David Jason stencils popping up around the place first...

Check out Hanksy's latest handiwork, and a gallery of his original parodies, below...

Ryan Gosling by Hanksy

Ted Danson by Hanksy

Bill Cosby by Hanksy