Paris Attacks: Reza Azlan Nails Why It's Wrong To Say Islam Spreads Terrorism In CNN Video

16/11/2015 11:46 GMT | Updated 16/11/2015 11:59 GMT

In the wake of the horrific terror attacks in Paris, many were quick to jump on the blame bandwagon and accuse Islam of promoting violence and fear.

In response, a video from 2014 has resurfaced online of a beautifully eloquent and succinct clip of Professor Reza Aslan from the University of California appearing on CNN.

American comedian Bill Maher had argued that the "Muslim world has a lot in common with the ISIS" as many muslims "believe that people should die" for holding different opinions to them.

Aslan replied: "Islam doesn’t promote violence or peace. It is just a religion and like every religion in the world, it depends on what you bring to it. If you are a violent person, your Islam, your Christianity, your Judaism is going to be violent."

He then goes on to point out that even Buddhism has a problem with extremists as evidenced by the persecution of Muslims in Myanmar.

Over the weekend a number of hashtags were trending on Twitter aiming to counter anti-Muslim sentiment.

Of course this is a horrendously simplistic view as eloquently highlighted in a tweet by LSE student Daniel Wickham.

The hashtag #TerrorismHasNoReligion began to trend on Saturday morning as people sought to counter the bigots.

GRAPHIC WARNING: Paris attacks


  • 129 dead, 352 injured, 99 critically
  • Restaurants, football stadium, rock concert attacked
  • Attacker named as 29-year-old Omar Ismail Mostefai
  • French border controls increased, state of emergency declared
  • Seven extremists in three teams carried out attacks