Optical Illusions: Can You Spot The Famous Faces In These Coffee Bean Pictures?

05/11/2014 12:55 | Updated 30 December 2015

Can you spot these famous faces in the coffee beans?

Go on, give it a shot (get it?) but you must find them by any beans (sorry!) means necessary.

All jokes aside, it's going to be a bit of a grind but we've bean around the world to find the best coffee pictures - we've hidden a famous person in each image and we're hoping that this little game is instant fun.

Let's start of with a tough one....

Can you spot the 'Die Hard' actor?

coffee bean bruce

This actor is certainly not 'Expendable'.

coffee bean

Which Zane-y actor is hiding below?

coffee bean billy b

We wonder if Sherlock Holmes could solve this mystery?

coffee jude b

Should this famous footballer be re-named 'Golden Beans'?

coffee beckham b

Bean Me Up Scotty!

coffee bean patrick b

Could his films be now be known as 'The Bean Supremacy'.

coffee matt damon b

He likes his coffee mashed to a pulp and that's not fiction.

john t b

We bet this former sportsman likes his coffee to pack a punch.

coffe tyson b

The former leader of the Conservative Party is used to the daily grind.

hague b

Do you think he tortures his victims with hot coffee? Riiiiiggggghhhhhttt!

coffee dr evil b

Can you smell what The Rock is brewing?

the rock b

He likes his coffee 'Fast and Furious'.

coffee bean

This mystery man drank many cups of coffee in 'The Office'.

ricky coffee

Have you spotted the 'Little Britain' yet?

matt lucas

  • 1 Bruce Willis
  • 2 Jason Statham
  • 3 Billy Zane
  • 4 Jude Law
  • 5 David Beckham
  • 6 Patrick Stewart
  • 7 Matt Damon
  • 8 John Tavolta
  • 9 Mike Tyson
  • 10 William Hague
  • 11 Dr Evil and Mini Me
  • 12 Dwayne Johnson
  • 13 Vin Diesel
  • 14 Ricky Gervais
  • 15 Matt Lucas

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