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The Run Up to the Doldrums

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The weather files show my doldrum crossing point should be less painful than the others, but I have heard that one before and we will have to wait and see. I will be in the doldrums in two days from now and then back to going upwind again. I have started monitoring the long term forecast to see how I am going to tackle the Azores High, no decisions will be made until I am out of the doldrums but it is good to get a feeling for what is happening.

Yesterday was supremely frustrating, an encouraging morning followed by big squalls in the afternoon which were full of more calm areas than much wind. I had a fairly steady wind overnight and today has been encouraging so far. In 100 miles or so I won't have to worry about the coast of Brazil, and the wind should start to move more to the south east and hopefully I can ease the sails and go a little faster. I want to stay a good way off the coast for now to make sure I do not get any disruption in the wind caused by the land effect.

Really hot and humid inside the boat today but better than the freezing conditions at home!

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