I’m a staunch advocate for taking care of our mental wellbeing and creating spaces where Black women can feel fully seen, heard, and acknowledged.
The "Easy on Me" singer also discussed another big reason she's been "lucky" in the industry during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.
The supermarket paired with a Dragons Den-backed brand to create the decorations.
A new study finds Black women and Latinas in particular are the least likely to get that first promotion — and it’s not because they’re not asking for it.
Many find the now-viral video relatable, while others are getting overly huffy about it.
The founder now has an ornament placed on the White House's Christmas tree every year in his name.
"I felt a pang of longing as I realised this was something I’d never had. I had plenty of relatives who looked like me, but not a single friend."
The day your mother realises you are not a child anymore but a grown woman can be a blessing or a curse – for many of us in South Asian families, it's both.