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Aldwyn Cooper

Vice Chancellor of Regent’s University London.

Professor Aldwyn Cooper is Vice Chancellor of Regent’s University London. A cognitive psychologist by background, he is also a member of the Quality Assurance Agency ‘Advisory Committee on Degree Awarding Powers,’ the Higher Education Funding Council ‘Leadership, Governance and Management Committee,’ the Universities UK ‘International Policy Network,’ and the ‘GuildHE Council.’

Universities Must Prioritise Disability Support

<img alt="everybody banner" src="" width="300" height="35" /> Lecturers don't always have experience of disabilities and special needs, so it is up to universities and students themselves to help form a connection and find solutions that genuinely work in learning environments. Sharing individual experiences and continuous communication is vital.
11/08/2017 11:33 BST

Who's Shouting Loudest on EU Referendum?

Universities should be leading debates on political policy, values, social conditions and international collaborations. We should take pride in stimulating active and, at times, radically opposing views that need to be aired and considered.
21/06/2016 13:20 BST

Brexit Is a Game of Thrones

The constant bickering between and within the great Houses, led by the Brexiteers, could in the end result in the devastation of our economy to the massive detriment of everyday people, while the main characters continue to enjoy their extravagant lives.
14/06/2016 12:30 BST

Young Death, Selfish Politics and Terror Strike the Heart of Europe

In the last half of March 2016, three separate but interrelated events have served to heighten concerns about the European venture: The deaths of young people studying in Spain, the self-serving behaviour of some British politicians, and the horror of the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels.
01/04/2016 09:43 BST