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Alexander Bailey

Founder and director of men's luxury brand e-boutique,

Alexander Bailey is the founder and director of men's e-boutique, was founded in 2010 under Bailey's vision to create an online store for gentlemen with an appreciation for luxury brands and high fashion menswear labels. Alongside the e-boutique, the website also mixes compelling editorial features and style advice for men. A regular attendee at the world's 'Fashion Weeks', Alexander Bailey is also a noted style blogger and is both a regular contributor and collaborator with leading men's style magazines and well known fashion blogs. He is also a consultant to the luxury brand sector.

British Gentleman Style - How To Achieve It

British style, if we must define it, has always contained an astonishing mix of traditions, both from humble and aristocratic origins. The play-off between both the blue bloods' and the working man's uniforms have resulted in a rich archive of now iconic men's wardrobe items that the British are renowned for producing,
14/08/2012 13:27 BST

New Season Menswear, New Year, New You - Still as Stylish as Ever

Change doesn't to be significant or radical to be dramatic. If you're a man who can't be parted from his leather jacket, try a different colour to add a surprise element to your look. You can still wear your favourite jeans and trainers, but a new colour or cut to your normal style will take this look to the next level.
26/02/2012 21:27 GMT