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Annabel Burn

Student of animal behaviour, lover of food, books, music and riding horses

Best friend to 2 dogs and a horse.

Writing Poetry for Addiction Recovery - A Case Study

Poetry has been in the news due to its usefulness in therapy, helping the traumatised, the bereaved, and those who just have difficulty expressing themselves through normal conversation. Perhaps less well known is the use of poetry in helping people recovering from addiction. Emotional pain is part of the wreckage of addiction and using poetry to unlock shame, anger, anxiety and low self-esteem can produce remarkable results.
19/05/2016 12:26 BST

Why Bowie Dying Feels So Personal

I've got my Bowie Tshirt on, and listening to Shaun Keaveny on BBC radio 6 dealing with this thunderbolt this morning, so beautifully, has, I'm not ashamed to admit, made me cry. Because like so many of us, I've lost someone I grew up with.
11/01/2016 16:44 GMT

Being a London Dog Walker Is No Walk in the Park!

Every summer these stories come out about dog walkers making vast amounts of money while enjoying the sunshine with the dogs, but they don't see the reality, the expenses, the days when we are blue with cold from being out all day, or clearing up vomit and diahorrea, or hoovering up the endless dog hair and spraying for yet more fleas.
28/05/2015 12:38 BST

My Generation Needs to Rethink Property in London - It Just Ain't Worth It

Interest rates will have to go up eventually, forcing people to sell when their monthly payments become unaffordable. Will the house of cards come tumbling down then? Or will London just be a sea of billionaires here for annual holidays in their London homes? Like Venice on a larger scale, a relic, empty of its original inhabitants.
12/11/2014 16:48 GMT

Does Your Office Allow Dogs? Well Maybe It Should

Does your office allow dogs? Well maybe it should. it's a growing trend in the UK, as employers look for new ways to beat stress, which is the number one cause of employee absence; but it now appears that a dog in the office has other surprising beneficial effects too, such as increased productivity.
05/11/2014 11:36 GMT

The Joy of Chicken Keeping

Our five chickens arrived a couple of months ago, and what a joy they have been. They are such curious little things. They love following the dogs around, and investigating visitors, mirrors, or anything new in their environment.
13/05/2014 17:54 BST

Eating Disorders Are Notoriously Hard to Cure, But Does Animal Therapy Hold the Key?

It wasn't just a case of wanting to be thinner; eating disorders, pretty quickly, cause chemical imbalances that bring on depression, and eventually I felt like I was not worth feeding. Lying awake at night with heart palpitations, I knew what I was doing was hurting me, but gradually, my worth became linked, in my eyes, solely to my weight.
29/04/2014 11:39 BST

Is My Dog Smarter Than Me?

Did you know that there is a dog on the internet who can drive? And another who can distribute the post in his household, recognising the letter shapes for each family member? Perhaps the biggest sign that dogs are cleverer than us though, is that we follow them around carrying their poo in bag
24/04/2014 09:49 BST

That Danish Giraffe and the Questions It Raises

I'm all for being a veggie, and am almost there myself, apart from the odd bit of wild pheasant or something. Something that has a happy life and a quick end. But I would kill a suffering animal in a heartbeat, and in fact have had old or physically suffering dogs put down , and have even killed a half alive squirrel recently.
11/02/2014 11:25 GMT

Yes My Dog Has a Facebook Page and I Love It

I shut down my Facebook account a couple of years ago, and I have instead, a doggy Facebook page. My Vizsla is the author, and most of her friends are dogs that we have met through our doggy circles. In fact there are very few humans, or "hoomins" as we call them, among our friends, as many of my acquaintances would rather not be "friends" with a dog. Fine by me!
09/09/2013 11:53 BST

Goodbye Dominance Dog Training

Dominance theory is an outdated view of dog behaviour that became popular in the 1960s. It has since been disproved, evidence having been accumulated that shows that it is unhelpful and often very destructive. Unfortunately, some trainers still cling to the idea, reluctant to let go of something that they have based their training and careers on.
08/08/2013 15:01 BST

Is a Second Dog a Good Idea?

Six weeks is what you can expect it to take for two dogs to form a bond. Dogs consider "pack members" animals that they sleep, eat and hunt with, so other dogs that come out on dog walks do not fall into that category.
01/08/2013 10:08 BST

Finding the Right Puppy Training Class

As part of my Canine Behaviour coursework, I have been studying and visiting puppy classes covering various different methods of training. Dogs are as different as people, and there is not one catch all method of training at any level, but smaller classes are certainly to be encouraged.
29/07/2013 12:49 BST