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Brooke Roberts-Islam

Fashion Tech Innovator - - Co-Director, BR Innovation Agency (BRIA) - - Fashion-Tech Writer at and HuffPost.

Brooke Roberts-Islam is a digital knitwear designer and consultant, who also has over a decade of experience as a diagnostic radiographer within the NHS. She is co-director of the Brooke Roberts Innovation Agency (BRIA) who create materials-tech collaborations, products and installations with brands from both the fashion and technology sectors, directly combining her knowledge of the latest developments in the fashion-technology sector with her cross-discipline approach to developing new materials. Brooke is passionate about combining science, technology and fashion in her own work and has also achieved this through collaborations with the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle, amongst others, and is regularly invited to speak about the latest in fashion tech at events, including the Wired Next Generation conference and the launch of London Technology Week in 2016. In addition to her design and materials development work, Brooke is a fashion-technology writer for the Huffington Post and her own blog, Techstyler, lending opinion and sharing interviews from the crossroads of fashion-technology, from a fashion designer’s perspective. In 2013, Brooke was voted onto The Hospital Club’s 100 list of the most influential and innovative creatives in the UK, as well as being voted onto KPMG's Shift 100 list for retail technology entrepreneurs in 2017.

Zahra 'Sooty' Hosseini's Fashion And Sci-Fi Inspired Call To Prayer

Rewinding a little, Sooty's MA at the RCA has taken her on a two year journey of exploring her relationship with her culture (she hails from Manchester but her parents are Iranian), religion and faith. Having grown up in an liberal environment, Sooty's relationship with her faith has evolved naturally, without any pressure to pray or conform
07/08/2017 17:21 BST

Click Your Heels To Start The Dishwasher - Smart Trainers Versus Traditional Cordwainers

Starting her concept not from a designer standpoint, but from a question about whether there might be a consumer appetite for a hybrid textile apparel/shoe product, she placed a paid Facebook Ad (for £38.61, to be exact) aimed at her demographic (25-37 year old females in the UK and the US), reaching over 400,000 people, from which she had 55 surveys completed.
22/05/2017 14:51 BST

Copenhagen Fashion Summit's Voices Of Politics, Diversity And Change

Reflecting on the global political and economic climate, Simon Collins commented on the political dissent in Thatcher's 70's and 80's Britain that gave rise to the punk rock movement and other beautifully creative genres that still resonate in Britain today. So out of this current political upheaval, could there be a beautiful and positive outcome?
17/05/2017 17:06 BST

Copenhagen Fashion Summit Sets The Tone For Global Sustainability Agenda

Marco cited one of the biggest challenges for the sustainability agenda currently as being consumer attitudes towards 'sustainable garments' and the false impression that sustainability means a compromise on design and/or quality. He is calling for a drive to help convince customers of the superiority of sustainable fashion and make it a major purchasing driver for consumers.
11/05/2017 16:16 BST

Sabinna Experiments With Mixed Reality Shopping For Fashion

For Sabinna Rachimova, her 'brand DNA' is, actually, familial. It transcends ethos and aesthetics and runs deep into the past, through two generations of her family. Her grandmother, a maths and physics professor in her native Russia, who during communist times made clothing on the side for neighbours and friends for extra income, inspired her to pursue a career in art and craft.
05/04/2017 16:40 BST