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David Rowntree

Blur drummer and Labour activist

David Rowntree is best known as the drummer in the pop group Blur. He is also an active Labour Party member and a practicing criminal solicitor.

Syrian Refugees - Avoiding a 'Lost Generation'

Many families have been refugees for almost five years now. Their children are unlikely to have been in school during that time, and the families are likely to have burned through whatever resources they had when they fled home. International aid is falling as need is rising. Work is difficult to find (and often illegal) for refugees, who are paid much less than the locals, with no enforcement of labour standards. Put bluntly, the once middle class Syrian refugee population is now pauperised, and desperate, which has driven them to pay large amounts of money and take huge risks crossing a continent to Northern Europe.
04/12/2015 17:49 GMT

Computer Crime - Good News and Bad News

The elephant in the room, is that your home, office, and school computers are under attack right now, and attempts are being made to steal your information, then get your machine to start stealing from other people, over 85,000 times every day, 31 million times every year.
27/05/2012 22:34 BST

The Law's the Law

"The Law's the Law", was the title of an article I remember reading when I was young. It was a 'top 10' list of weird old laws, their reasons for existing long since passed, but never repealed so theoretically still in force.
06/03/2012 22:28 GMT

The Osborne-Shaped Hole

It may seem like another age now, but it was only a year ago that you couldn't read a newspaper, or watch a news programme, without seeing George Osborne's sallow face peering back at you. But these days there is an Osborne-shaped hole in the news where the Chancellor used to be.
13/02/2012 21:40 GMT