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Dr Alvaro Bermejo

Executive Director, International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Dr Alvaro Bermejo joined the International HIV/AIDS Alliance as Executive Director in January 2004 from his position as Director of the Health and Care Department of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. The Alliance is a partnership of 37 organisations around the world that support around 2000 community organisations delivering HIV prevention, treatment and care services, reaching nearly 3 million people.

Leave No-one Behind in the Post-2015 Health Agenda

In just a few months' time, the world will agree on a new set of global development goals which are expected to be more ambitious, more rights-based and more sustainable than the preceding Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
18/05/2015 10:06 BST

"Incredible India, Invest in Communities!"

Even last April's landmark Supreme Court ruling which recognised transgender people's right to identify as a third gender has so far delivered little in terms of increasing access to healthcare and specifically HIV prevention, treatment, care, social welfare, equal rights and support services.
31/03/2015 17:42 BST

Ebola and HIV: Three Lessons Learned

As the worst ever Ebola outbreak spins out of control in West Africa with the UN estimating this week that $1 billion is needed to contain it, parallels are being drawn between the virus and HIV/AIDS...
19/09/2014 09:44 BST

Independence Is the Longest of Battles: Impressions From South Sudan

I approached Juba with trepidation. In the few years since I last came it has become the capital of the world's youngest country and everyone that visits keeps telling me how quickly it is changing.It was also the city chosen by the African Union to commemorate World AIDS Day earlier this month.
13/12/2013 16:01 GMT

Urgent Need to Prioritise Young People in Efforts to Tackle HIV

Looking ahead to another World AIDS Day this Sunday - the 26th such occasion since the annual solidarity day was introduced - it seems to me that there is an urgent need to prioritise and involve young people in efforts to tackle the global HIV epidemic, and in particular those from marginalised groups who are most at risk.
28/11/2013 12:00 GMT

Integration, Integration, Integration!

When the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were set back in 2000, sexual and reproductive health (SRH) didn't even figure prominently; it wasn't until seven years later that it was recognized that the other goals to eradicate global poverty wouldn't be achieved without specific SRH targets.
31/05/2013 18:20 BST

The UK Can Bend the Curve of the HIV, TB and Malaria Epidemics

David Cameron has identified other priorities for this summit - trade, tax and transparency - and will host a pre-meeting focused on world hunger. These are all vital issues, but the Prime Minister also needs to protect what has already been achieved and should encourage the G8 to deliver on past promises.
02/05/2013 12:14 BST

Transphobia in Latin America Is Preventing an Effective HIV Response

In most countries in Latin America, with the exception of Argentina, there is no legislation explicitly recognizing or mentioning transgender identity, thereby rendering them invisible and denying them legal and civic status. Additionally, public health care institutions are not usually accessible to such women and do not cater for their needs.
01/03/2013 13:15 GMT

Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill Will Have Disastrous Impact on HIV Response

If the bill is passed it's likely to lead to even more HIV infections in politically isolated populations, especially among men who have sex with men. They will be prevented from having access to essential public health information, such as how to protect themselves from HIV and how to access life saving treatment and support services that are stigma-free.
25/11/2012 21:55 GMT

The Greatest Show on Earth?

Every two years the International AIDS Conference rolls around and every two years I always start the week by referring to it as a bit of a jamboree. The conference is the world's largest gathering of experts, activists, people living with HIV and policy makers.
26/07/2012 17:53 BST