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Dr. Corey Allan

Marriage and Family Therapist, who also writes about practical tips to improve relationships

Dr. Corey writes regularly about marriage and relationships on his site, Simple Marriage, which is full of laid back information sure to improve your relationships.You can also catch his radio show - Sexy Marriage Radio, a weekly show filled with straightforward and practical information that will heat up your marriage.

Would You Want to Be Married to You?

It's important to realize that in committed relationships, roughly two thirds of the problems are unresolvable. Two thirds! With the amount of issues in marriage that aren't resolvable, how do you create a lasting and passionate marriage?
25/07/2013 17:36 BST

Four Steps to Having 'Curl Your Toes' Sex in Marriage

If there is one area that needs to be more openly discussed among married couples, it's this one... sex. It is easy to believe that no one else has difficulties with this subject. That other couples are having exciting, passionate, 'swinging from the chandeliers' sex every time. Fact is, you couldn't be further from the truth.
21/06/2013 00:03 BST