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Ellie Slee

Feminist killjoy.

Feminist killjoy.

I Don't Care About The Artistic Output of Abusive Men

As women, we are constantly undermined, attacked and silenced, and we do not need reminding of the great contributions to the Arts by abusive men. All this reminds us of is the fact that they are still allowed to make art; that the lived experiences of hundreds of women silenced is still not enough to silence their abusers.
12/11/2017 16:30 GMT

I Want To Be In Corbyn's Carriage

Are Cooper and Kendall the only women in this country who have never felt a hand creep onto their waist on the tube? Who've never had an erection launched into their lower back during rush hour? Who've never had a broom handle shoved up between their legs as they ascended the stairs at Tottenham Court Road?
26/08/2015 23:00 BST

British Pensioners: Please Keep Heckling

When I saw David Cameron heckled by pensioners at the Age UK conference, my heart swelled. Watching him say that his government had given people 'dignity and security in old age' was the biggest load of shit I've seen in some time, and my cat had diarrhoea last week.
26/03/2015 11:39 GMT

The Reason Disney's Frozen Left Me Cold

OK, I wasn't expecting a tiny cartoon Andrea Dworkin to weave her way through the Enchanted Forest singing a catchy melodic ballad about the devastating effect of porn on society. But before people start saying this is a 'feminist' movie, it might be worth examining it closer.
28/05/2014 13:01 BST

The Bloody Cheek of the Tampon Tax

I love being a woman more than most things in the world. But like all great loves, I have a little gripe with mine. Mr Darcy was arrogant, Heathcliff was... difficult, Mr Rochester had the small matter of a psychotic wife, and my love? Well, womanhood bleeds.
21/05/2014 12:36 BST

Fear and Loathing at the Self Checkout

It being that I loathe all human contact, the supermarket self checkout always looks like an attractive prospect. I probably hate smiling at the cashier whilst they scan my tampons more than they hate smiling at me. So I think I'll save us both the trouble and do it myself. Thirty seconds in and I regret it, every time.
29/04/2014 11:28 BST

The BBC, Gillette Mach Three and the 'Man Hating' Delusion

Women of Britain: we may still be marginalised in headlines, in the editor's specially selected comments, and in the shaving section of our local Superdrug. But this is a system, and we can screw it on so many levels. I suggest we start by buying a Mach 3.
17/04/2014 11:14 BST

I'm Not a Sweetie... So I'm Bitter

I'm sick of the fact that because I am female, I am public property. I'm done with being dissected because I talk about that. And if you can't think of another word for what women like me are, you call us bitter. You expect it to sting and you expect us to shut our mouths and stop caring about ourselves, and each other, and our rights.
23/03/2014 23:37 GMT

Your Makeup Free Breast Cancer Selfie Is a Big Patriarchal Problem

A makeup free selfie doesn't raise awareness like reading Cancer Research UK's latest statistics would, and hashtagging #nakedface doesn't exactly provide a crash course in checking for lumps. I do think it's great that young women want to involve themselves in fighting cancer, but in 'stripping bare' to be 'aware', we seem to be likening going makeup free to breast cancer.
19/03/2014 16:04 GMT

Being Schooled in Feminism

Feminism is a multigenerational effort, and it's easy to get caught up in talking about <em>waves</em> of feminism, and what <em>kind</em> of feminists we are, when we should be explaining the issues faced by women to younger generations.
10/03/2014 13:23 GMT

Beyonce Must Have Her Feminist Cake and Eat It Too

Beyonce: when you smile affectionately and sing along with that lyric, you are propagating a cycle of humiliation, of rape, of violence that is still horrifically real for women all over the world.
28/01/2014 11:18 GMT

A Reading List for Durham University's Anti Feminists

This week, Durham University's independent student newspaper, <em>Palatinate</em>, published an article written by a woman dismissing feminism as outdated. Direct quote: 'The UK doesn't need feminism any more'. Actually, the UK needs feminism like you need to read up.
16/12/2013 12:21 GMT

Sore About Your Prostate? Don't Blame Breast Cancer

"The modern man is in crisis. He doesn't have a role any more." I cleared my throat. Damned if I was going to let the fact that women have fought for the right to be more than vessels be blamed for the opposite sex's inability to talk about their health. He was talking as if men had once been great orators on their health, only to be thwarted by feminism.
08/11/2013 17:24 GMT

An Open Letter to a Typical Bloke

I am fresh from accidentally reading your post, 'Why Good Girls Have Become As Extinct As Unicorns' on fashxfash. I have a few points of consideration for you.
09/05/2013 11:45 BST

If Women Are C**ts, What Does That Make You?

If you look, it's everywhere; not just when women are being violently battered, unprovoked, on the street. There are so many examples of the way that some men* colonise public space today, and as a result, I know very few women who feel safe walking in public alone.
05/12/2012 15:32 GMT

Talking to Women: There's a Time and a Place

I'm of the opinion that, in 2012, I should be able to walk home from a night out without thinking about the prostitutes who were brutalised around the corner in days gone by. Please don't introduce yourself to me at 1am and put them at the forefront of my mind.
07/10/2012 21:37 BST

Even When They Go for Gold, Women Can't Win

I've just read Andrew M. Brown's article <a href=""> Women's judo: it's disturbing to watch these girls beat each other up</a> on the Telegraph Online. Brown only gives us a couple of paragraphs, but never have two paragraphs made me want to tear my own eyes out more.
03/08/2012 11:51 BST